Babies start learning language in womb, studies reveal.

#Prophet Muhammad and Ahlul-Bayt, peace be upon them, emphasize this fact. Embryos who listen to #the_Quran and get familiar with it, its thousands of words and topics. Embryos, babies, children and whover listen to or read #the_Quran in early ages perform high in school later on as their minds are already open to thousands of … Continue reading Babies start learning language in womb, studies reveal.

كتب عبد الله المرتقب | Happy_Tidings#

كتب عبد الله: انا استبشر حين أرى القمر جميلا فاسلم على الامام صاحب الزمان فاطما: رايت القمر قريبا وكبيرا من شدة قربه وهذه العبارات تمر في منتصفه: شيعتنا الكرام وردتنا أعمالكم (رؤيا) استبشروا السلام عليك يا فاتح الخير...يا مبشر ...ورحمة الله وبركاته زيارة النبي محمد صلى الله عليه واله وسلم عن بعد السلام عليك يا … Continue reading كتب عبد الله المرتقب | Happy_Tidings#

Journey to Allah in words ~ attempts

Hearty poetry style trying to put in words how souls and whole being are being desolved in worshiping Allah, adoring Him, being connected to Him Great Arab writers list (texts in En) by @English4Media: Follow on Twitter @Fatimaalkhansa @FatimaDocu @English4Media

Pearls of #Wisdom by Sayid Mohammad Ridha al Shirazi ~ my #Translation and #Subtitling

Translation of tens of lectures by Sayid Muhammad Ridha al Shirazi is available online under the name of Pearls of Wisdom, a project I have translated. Watch also in #ShareHumanity playlist: #ShareHumanity: Pearls of Wisdom by Sayyid Muhammad Ridha Shirazi:

Glorifying Allah ~ تسبيح الزهراء سلام الله عليها Glorifying Allah, a thikr, recited by Supreme Lady Fatima. Highly recommended after the five daily prayers: 34 times: Allaho Akbar (Allah is the Greatest) or (Allah is Great) - surely unmatched; 33 times: Sobhana Allah (Glorified is Allah); 33 times Al Hamdu Lil Allah (All praise belongs to Allah). Allah highly recommends al Sujud … Continue reading Glorifying Allah ~ تسبيح الزهراء سلام الله عليها

#VictoryDay #Iraq #Unitedagainstcorruption

#VictoryDay #Iraq #Unitedagainstcorruption The farewell statement delivered by Mr. Jan Kubis رسالة الممثل الخاص للأمين العام للأمم المتحدة في العراق يان كوبيتش بمناسبة انتهاء مهام عمله #Arabic #English

SOUTHERN LEBANESE IN MONDIAL: HEY SAUDI, I SWEAR BY IMAM ALI, YOU’LL BE DEFEATED | لبناني في المونديال: “يا سعودي، والامام علي لح تخسروا!”

"نادى احد الجمهور وهو لبناني يا سعودي و الامام علي لح تخسروا💚"

The Eminent Emerge of Global Governance and Divine Justice

People on #social_media not only interact, but are also #united against all sorts of oppression taking place anywhere on our planet. We are one voice. Our voice is loud: #JusticeU.S. formula-Democracy has been manipulated enough; mainstream media covered it enough. It's time for divine justice t emerge in the shape of the #Global_Governance led by … Continue reading The Eminent Emerge of Global Governance and Divine Justice