#Ahlul_Bayt interpretation of the Quran

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أنا هنا وعد علي لميثم ولو على جذع شجرة – فيديو مصور

الافلام والتغطيات لفاطما الخنسا مع قناة كربلاء موجودة على هذه الصفحةFatimaalkhansa.WordPress.com-> Menu -> Documentaryوعلى اليوتيوبFatimaalkhansa -> My Documentariesالنص والتغطية المصورة ل "انا هنا"طبعا كتبتها دفاعا عن الشيعة وانه تغير الزمن الذي كان يحرق به بيت الموالي للامام علي سلام الله عليه. استوحيت أيضا من ميثم التمار في فيلم المختار (المقطع موجود على قناتي في اليوتيوب … Continue reading أنا هنا وعد علي لميثم ولو على جذع شجرة – فيديو مصور


I would like to recommend that scientists in all fields of study read the Holy Quran- the best English version is translated by Ali Ali Quli Qarai, and also read the interpretation attributed to Ahlul-Bayt and summarized in Tafsir al Mizan by Tabtabie (available in English as a pdf by al-Islam.org)- these are the best … Continue reading #ShareHumanity

#ShareHumanity | شارك الانسانية

Top videos worth watching including lectures of top Shia religious knowledgable scholars, creativity, wonderful places, the Arrivals, Imam al Mahdi ( Peace be upon him), my documentaries, Sami Yusuf, Bahrain and INGOs. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrpxTMsezWETAMg8Wxsy3XnmAsa1GOeIF

Empowered by a Quranic verse rejecting enslavement

The Only Surviving Text Written in Arabic by an American Slave Has Been Digitized & Put Online: Read the Autobiography of Enslaved Islamic Scholar, Omar Ibn Said (1831) | Open Culture Several important pieces of primary documentary evidence have now become freely available to scholars, students, and anyone interested in the history of American slavery, … Continue reading Empowered by a Quranic verse rejecting enslavement

Babies start learning language in womb, studies reveal.

#Prophet Muhammad and Ahlul-Bayt, peace be upon them, emphasize this fact. Embryos who listen to #the_Quran and get familiar with it, its thousands of words and topics. Embryos, babies, children and whover listen to or read #the_Quran in early ages perform high in school later on as their minds are already open to thousands of … Continue reading Babies start learning language in womb, studies reveal.

One thousand quote of wisdom of Imam Ali #Sharehumanity #EndPoverty

​✳ ألف حكمة لموﻻنا أمير المؤمنين علي بن أبي طالب (ع).. 1 ـ الدِّينُ أفْضَلُ مَطلُوبٍ 2 ـ المَواعِظُ حَياةُ الْقُلُوبِ . 3 ـ الهَـوى عَـدُوُّ مَتْبُوعٌ . 4 ـ الدُّعاءُ خَيْرُ مَوْضُوعٍ. 5 ـ السَّعادَةُ فِي التَّعَبُّدِ 6 ـ الكَمالُ فِي الدُّنْيا مَفْقُودٌ . 7 ـ الجُودُ عزّ مَوْجُودٍ . 8 ـ الجاهِلُ لا … Continue reading One thousand quote of wisdom of Imam Ali #Sharehumanity #EndPoverty

Imam Ali, peace be upon him, rule #1

stock-vector-arabic-islamic-calligraphy-of-imam-ali-people-are-two-kinds-either-brother-in-religion-or-peer-you-147645017.jpg (359×470) http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/1607156/147645017/stock-vector-arabic-islamic-calligraphy-of-imam-ali-people-are-two-kinds-either-brother-in-religion-or-peer-you-147645017.jpg

Adobe Max

MAX attendees tell it like it is max marqueeThe MAX experience is unlike any other, and every year I struggle to describe the event for those who’ve never attended.  So this year I’m going to reveal what previous attendees have to say about the conference. Over 5500 attendees from 78 different countries made up of … Continue reading Adobe Max