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Lady Zainab ~ a woman you should have heard of #ShareHumanity

Lady Zainab, daughter of Imam Ali and Supreme Lady Fatima, as well as sister of Imam al Hassan and Imam al Husain; thus, the first and only granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad. By this kinship and being raised up by these infallible parents, Lady Zeinab, thus, belongs to Prophet Muhammad and his Household whose prime mission is to reveal Islam as a complete life style based on divine knowledge, values and principles and share it with humanity. #ShareHumanity She is known for her key role on the Day of Ashura (10th of Sacred Muharram), 61 Hegira. She was shoulder-to-shoulder with Imam al Husain. Imam Husain was championing for his Imamate role which is appointed by Allah to manage world affairs, in general, and Muslims affairs, in particular, at all levels and educate them. Immamate versus the imposed caliphate system that shed blood, ruled by sword and accumulated wealth from the pockets of citizens. On the Day of Ashura Imam Husain was a warrior combatting the imposed caliphate illegal rule, abuse of power, distortion of Islam, corruption and terrorism. Lady Zainab was of a great support of Imam Husain in this challenge. She discussed with Imam Husain his strategy of defence. Defence because Imam Husain didn’t start the war but rather he defended his life and Islam which he exclusively represents along with Prophet Muhammad and his Household. Lady Zainab role was also significant in narrating in details what happended on this historical confrontation, exposing the reasons of why Imam Husain refused to pledge any kind of loyality or acceptance to such a system. Without Lady Zainab, nothing could be known about Ashura. Imam Husain was beseiged in Karbala with his family members and only seventy of his supporters as the rest which could possible be in hundreds were all arrested and emprisoned fearing that their support would indeed bring a great defeat to the rule. The army of the imposed caliphate collected about three thousand fighters most of them were mercenary. Imam Husain kept reminding all of these soldiers of who he is exposing the misleaading propaganda of the ruling system. Imam Husain, his family members (excluding his son Imam Ali who was sick unable to join the battle) and his supporters were brutality massacred. Lady Zainab continued the mission. Now the entire humanit ows Lady Zeinab for her role in multiplying the number of those who belive in the cause of Imam Husain and thus take side with justice and right is right against oppression. Millions of Ahlul-Bayt followers in addition to the lovers of Imam al Husain from all walks of life, religions or sects pay respect to this lagendary personality and head to Karbala to commomorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Husain, peace be upon him. World media including mainstream media have started to move their cameras and focus zoom on this world phenomenan known for its peaceful gathering and charitable donations to satisfy the needs of visitors on the road to Karbala. Lady Zeinab, the intellectual fruit of the divine matching marriage of Imam Ali and Supreme Lady Fatima inherited all the infallible traits and pure divine knowledge and aptitudes to take the lead and continued, and actually devoted her entire life, in an educational mission demonstrating and interpreting Islam as purely revealed to Prophet Muhammad, May Allah’s blessings be upon him and his Household. She educated women communitte in the Holy City of al Kufa, in Iraq. Her role and personality still radiant and empowering for those who want to say no when no is a must. Sheikh Maash, a scholar from the school of Ahlul-Bayt, says: “Lady Zainab took the lead in education women in the Holy City of al Kufa. By herself, she was a complete university.” Sheikh Maash added that Lady Zainab could memorise the lecture of her mother Supreme Lady Fatima and restate it- extraordinary or divine ability at age of three.” “She is acknowledged without getting education but yet her knowledge is directly from Allah- it is not an acquisitive knowledge but gifted. That is what our top jurisdiction scholars state. Lady Zainab is the second female member immediately following her mother Supreme Lady Fatima among the Household of Prophet Mohammad, may Allah’s blessings be upon them. Lady Zainab was born on 4th of Jamadah the first, according to Islamic calender.

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