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In his final sermon, Prophet Muhammad, May Allah’s blessings be upon him and his Household, aslo appointed Imam Ali as the first exclusive successor. However, the coup d’etat arranged by the caliphates who imposed themselves to rule the affairs and wealth of the Muslim community spoiled the plan set by Allah. Thus, Immate has been versus caliphate regimes.

The caliphate regimes ruled by sword, terrorism and deviation from Islam; moreover, creating copies and copies of a Islam up to reaching the last baby Daish.

Prophet Muammad announcement of Imam Ali as immediate and exclusive successor to the prophethood mission was cut by the scissors of the caliphates.

Thus, Shia, followers of Imam Ali emerged staying steadfast adhered to what heard from the mouth of Prophet Muhammad repeatedly that it is Ali and the infallible Imams who must be exclusively in charge or telling what Islam is and ruling Muslims’ wide spectrum of affairs.

These infallible members are Prophet Muhammad, Imam Ali, Supreme Lady Fatima (daughter of Prophet Muhammad and wife of Imam Ali; the couple brought two infallible Imam: Imam al Hassan and al Husain. From Imam al Husain, the other 9 infallible Imams descend and they are: Imam Ali son of Husain, Imam Muhammad al Baqir, Imam Jaafar al Sadiq, Imam Musa al Kathim, Imam Ali al Ridha, Imam Mohammad al Jawad, Imam Ali al Hadi, Imam al Hassan al Askari and the twelfth Imam is Imam Mohammad al Mahdi. Each of the nine is an infallible son of an infallible. All of them along with Prophet Mohammad are called Ahlul-Bayt (i.e. the Household of Prophet Muhammad). This Household has received the pure knowledge from Allah and inhereted it from Prophet Muhammad. Imam Ali recieved the whole knowledge from Prophet Muhammad and Supreme Lady Fatima wrote every word Prophet Muhammad said. She used also to send either Imam al Hassan or Imam al Husain to copy his words and them in record. in a result, she compiled everything in a book entitled the Moshaf of Fatima (i.e. the book of Fatima). This book is not for public; it is inheretied from Imam to another. It also contains the narrations that tell about the ends of times, the era seems to be living now.
Prophet Muhammad established the state. Imam Ali established the rule of Justice. All of the, spread knowledge of all fields including science. Imam al Husain fought the corruption of the rule of caliphate Yazid in a battle the army of Yazid started and launched in Karbala. Yazid and his leaders as well as the army brutally killed Imam Husain and companion and family in Karbala. But the word of Imam Husain stayed shinning and millions of people commorate the anniversary of his martyrdom in two days called Ashura and al Arbaeen.

Greetings fromKarbala- Documentary Film, part 1:Ashoura, part 2: alArbaeen Why do we miss al Husain the Lord of Reform?سلام من كربلاء- فيلم وثائقي من جزئين: عاشوراء والاربعين
لماذا نفتقد الحسين سيد الاصلاح؟



Both Imam Mohammad al Baqir and Imam Jafar al Sadiq could successfully andfully continue the establishment of the jurisdiction and science of Islam. That means sharing the pure divine knowledge intended to reach humanity to build human civilization upon. Europe at then was in dark ages. The algebra, for instance, was established by Jabir bin Hayyan who was a student to Imam al Sadiq. The other three sects that Sunna today follow were established by three students of Imam al Sadiq; howver, they were not legible to set a sect by their own with the presence of the infallible. Imam al Sadiq kept debating them in public. All of the Imams kept running their divine mission training and educating. Shia stayed adhered to the Imam and their education. They kept practicing committment to the Imams. They even suffered from all kinds of wars, killing and genocides from the imposed caliphate regimes over time but they successfully kept the treasure knowledge of Ahlul-Byt SAFE from any deviation. That is the minor role of Shia scholars on top of whom are the top religious authorities called the Marji’ or the reference, like for example, Sayid Ali al Sistani in Iraq who in one word has driven the nation to defeat Daish, the baby of the deviated copy of Islam.

It is as crucial as this impact is the statement cut by the scissors of the imposed caliphate is. Husain who said NO when NO was a must

Ali is the exclusice successor of Prophet Muhammad and the infallible Imams.

Why? Because, the whole word has witnessed the difference. Immammate versus caliphate.

Supreme Lady Fatima took the lead in defending her rights facing the caliphate face-toface urging him to return the land she inhereted from her father – the Land of Fadak. Sunna Feminism are now calling for their rights of equality in inheritance!

Any way, this humanity is yet awaiting for a day, a Promised Day of Justice and Great Global Governance led by the twelfth Imam Mohammad al Mahdi along with the son of Lady Marry Issa or Jesus.

Imam al Mahdi will announce his reappearance from Mecca while Prophet Issa will announce his reapparance from al Quds in Palestine.

This day is coming. And these infallible leaders will take the stage again. We will be hearing the purest words from the purest persons. We will enjoy the most “moving moments” quoting the guest expert in this video, again. At that time, we will all be that kind of citizen who enjoy brotherhood and sisterhood on this globe.

Awaiting #documentary

#BBC #Prophet_Mohammad #Humanity #Global_Governance

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