Love you #Mamma & #Papa | #FamilyDay #UN | @WorldWeWant2030 #SaveSouls #ShutDOWNarms

Dear NGOs, please make your utmost effort to shut down manufacturer producing arms and stop arms trading and top presidents making profits on behalf of our blood.
World NGOs have marked all sorts of days except #SaveSouls #ShutDOWNarms
Mothers and fathers loosing their sons for the sake of homeland, dignity and higher purpose, do still need them when they get older. Their sighs for missing them and longing to see them in the morning or coming back in the evening, hearing their voice aloud filling all the corners of every room at home – this missing will burn their hearts and wish they had died years and years before they received that bad news- our lions buried. Criminals immunity. Top NGOs silent. Aids flow. Cash money granted. Oh, no. There is a big misunderstanding here. We need not your money. We need that you kill warmongers greedy and lust to make more money. Our lands is not a chess. Not a monopoly. Not a plastic world lamp 🌍 by which you decorate your office and salon plotting where to conquer next. Our lands are ours. Stay overseas. Stay relaxed. The Creator has provided the little worm stuck on a stone in a vast ocean its food supply to stay alive, grateful and teacher for us to get satisfied. This universe has made especially for humans who well behave and get more excellent even from pure angels. This universe is made especially for us to behave as humans – animals and plants, water and winds, birds and lions have all been to serve our needs not greediness and bank credits, not our posts, statuses and signatures. We are hear to love our mums and dads, support brothers and sisters, form that beautiful tie and unity and be radiant of beauty in the wider net. We are hear to inspire and reflect- reflect Allah’s beauty, purity, mercy and and and.

I am sorry mums and dads; your eyes have been full of burning tears and all are deaf.
I can hear your cries deep in your hearts; heal from remote and ask God exceed the arrival of the Mahdi and Jesus whether we deserve or not.
Intervene and proper our wishes and have Your plan that covers all what we need; let us not lost, not missed; not injured, sick or buried in the jungle of criminals while we seek to touch the wings of your angels and swim in the river of your life in peace, in harmony in love.
You have sent me here and told me that ab African is a brother to Arabian and Arabian to European and do on and on.
Dear God, intervene now Abd heal the hearts of mothers first; dads’ next and mine the days that follow so that I enjoy triple of what I thought. Dear God! Mum the first and I am the last.

Fatima al Khansa
والعشق لفاطمة بنت محمد
اولنا محمد واوسطنا محمد وكلنا محمد
صلوا على محمد وال محمد
#Yemen #Bahrain #Lebanon #Iraq and the whole world 🌍
“♦- I hope… – A letter from Mom and Dad } received 1k like

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