‘Awaiting’ #Documentary #Global_Governance #Imam_al_Mahdi & #Jesus 

Awaiting- Documentary Film on Imam al Mahdi peace be upon him/ When does he arrive? How will he rule? What does he have to share with humanity? الانتظار- فيلم وثائقي حول الامام المهدي سلام الله عليه متى سيظهر؟ كيف سيحكم؟ ماذا لديه ليقدمه للبشرية؟ Please visit http://www.Karbala-tv.net, the visual library and write in the search … Continue reading ‘Awaiting’ #Documentary #Global_Governance #Imam_al_Mahdi & #Jesus 

The End of Sufyani Army (the ‘Islamic’ NATO)

قراءة أخرى للحدث الترامبي السعودي قال الله تعالى في كتابه العزيز ( واذا أردنا أن نهلك قرية أمرنا مترفيها ففسقوا فيها)  ترامب شخصية مترفة وحكام السعودية مترفون وكل المدعوين مترفون بحسب التشخيص القرآني... يريدون عزل الاتباع الحقيقيين لمحمد وآل محمد عن الإسلام برعاية ترامبية صهيونية وإرادة وهابية... ويتزامن هذا الحضور في شعبان ذكرى ولادة المنقذ … Continue reading The End of Sufyani Army (the ‘Islamic’ NATO)

Love you #Mamma & #Papa | #FamilyDay #UN | @WorldWeWant2030 #SaveSouls #ShutDOWNarms

Dear NGOs, please make your utmost effort to shut down manufacturer producing arms and stop arms trading and top presidents making profits on behalf of our blood. World NGOs have marked all sorts of days except #SaveSouls #ShutDOWNarms Mothers and fathers loosing their sons for the sake of homeland, dignity and higher purpose, do still … Continue reading Love you #Mamma & #Papa | #FamilyDay #UN | @WorldWeWant2030 #SaveSouls #ShutDOWNarms

They want to divide and conquer… And it’s working


It’s hard being a convert (or revert as some call it) Muslim, I’m not going to lie and tell you it isn’t. It’s not hard because I get up early to pray; nor because I fast for 30 days at a time; or even because I’ve changed how I dress – moving my scarf up 4 inches from my neck to now cover my hair. It’s hard because sometimes it feels like the world is against us.

Against me.


Every day there is something – arguments about everything from halal meat to headscarves, to whether praying 5 times a day makes you a concern for “radicalisation”.

I see it every day and from every direction – UK & Western governments and media telling us to be wary and concerned about Muslims, telling us we are not integrated, or we are barbaric.

My question is – does anyone actually ask a…

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