Allah's Plan- We are heading toward the Mahdi's Era, Ashura, Ashoura the 10th of Muharram, عاشوراء، العاشر من محرم, Beauty Within, Human Rights, Humanity, Imam Husain, Hussein, Husayn, Peace be upon him

The Day of Christians Solidarity with Imam Husain | يوم نصرة المسيحيين للحسين 

ادعو الى اطلاق “يوم نصرة المسيحيين للحسين” تيمنا بجون ووهب الذين فدوا الامام الحسين بانفسهم يوم عاشوراء وايضا الراهب الذي احتفظ بالراس الشريف واستنكر جريمة اباء داعش. 

I call for marking the Day of Christians Solidarity with Imam Husain, peace be upon him. 

John and Wahab are two Christians sacrificed themselves offering their utmost support to Imam Husain in his battle against tyranny – Yazid, and savagery and inhuman ancestors of Da’ish. It is also narrated that a Priest took the beheaded head of Imam Husain paying him all respect all the night up until the morning. He was courageous enough to strongly condemn the violations committed against Imam Husain, his companions and family members. 

Today, Shia defeated Da’ish who also massacred people from all religions and sects. History repeats itself and days flip. I am calling for the unity of the followers of Prophet Muhammad and Jesus to be in solidarity again to end the chaos disturbing the world. 

 وداعا ايتها الليالي المقمرة 

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