Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

Prince Charles of England mentions Prophet Muhammad during his Christmas speech, warns against religious persecution 

My thoughts that this year is very special and a sign of unity between Islam and Christianity. 

Of course all respect to true Jews who follows Abraham who denies killing and massacring. 

My thoughts are that all divine Apostles are now in heavenly place together. We should make them so proud of ourselves and deeds. 
The region that has always been the cradle of the key divine religions and Apostles as well as supreme female leaders including lady Fatima, daughter of Muhammad, Lady Merry, mother of Jesus and Nrjis, the granddaughter of Rome Ceaser and the mother of Muhammad al Mahdi, May Allah exceed his arrival, the region has so far this month celebrated the the anniversaries of the birthdays of Prophets Muhammad and Jesus as well as the 6th infallible Imam of Ahlul-Bayt Imam Jafar al Sadiq who taught 4000 students at his time and launched all fields of knowledge and sciences when the West was still in dark ages.

Wish you blessed birthdays, fulfilled wishes. 





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