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A call on for International Journalists to attend any nearby Husainy Session to get to know the Lord of Reformers

​Dear international journalists, to know further about these ceremonies, please make sure you attend any related event taking place in the Centers of Imam Husain, named Husayniya, in any nearby or close community. Make sure you get translation and briefing of the scholars lectures and feedback. This is a great chance to get to know that the pure version of Islam is the one that Imam Husain martyred for. It’s only then you will consider the Islam is the one presented by Ahlul-bayt (Prophet Muhammad and his Household- the 12 infallible Imams; I.e. Leaders of Muslims) and that any other version is nothing but the distorted one, claimed and fabricated- ex. ISIS and the like. Know Al Husain. Fight Islamophobia. Knowing Husain consequently leads to knowing his followers who live peacefully and integrate deeply in different foreign communities. 


Fatima Al Khansa


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