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#Disarmament Husain was killed by all sorts of weapons 

​Husainy Recitation Session – Night 1, Sheikh Riyadh al Bawi, Dawood Ashur Husayniya, al Basra, the Republic of Iraq-

Sacred Muharram Night 1, 1438 Hegira, October 2016

There is a great commonality between the sacrifice offered by the son of Adam in the first era of humanity and the sacrifice of Imam Husain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, May Allah’s blessings be upon them.

Allah included the story of Adam’s murdered son in His everlasting Divine Book which is read day and night by all Muslims all over the world all over the time. 

“Revive our issues.” Ahlul-Bayt recommends. “May Allah pour mercy over those who revive our issues!” They supplicate.

Knowing Ahlul-Bayt is knowing their knowledge, hadiths, and the stories of the oppression they encountered in their lives. 

Ahlul-Bayt say: “Study our hadith and teach it to people.”

Ahlul-Bayt urged peots, reporters and writers to report the occurring in their lives in all literary forms possible including historical narration of their stories in the form of poems. 

Ahlul-Bayt’s top story is what happened to Imam Husain. 

Prophet Muhammad said: “Husain is from me and I am from Husain.” 

Habil, son of Adam was killed immediately and murdered alone  and his story is divinely kept forever. Then what about Imam Husain story who witnessed the killing of every member of his companions and family? What about the mercy he expressed and emotions he released for every killing he witnessed?! 

Review the ugliness of the killing of Habil and the killing if Imam Husain. Review the savagery of the killing against each one. Habil was killed in the first era if humanity- no weapons/ no tools of killings. While when Imam Husain killed, can you imagine what sort of preparation had been there taking place? The army of Yezid fought Imam Husain by all sorts of weapons and killed him by all sorts of weapons! All makers of iron, steel, arrows (moreover poisoned)… had been busy for months making the tools of the killing of Imam Husain. 

Sorrow for the loss of Imam Husain burned the hearts of Ahlul-Bayt. 

“My grandfather Husain was slaughtered like a sheep! Perhaps slaughtering a sheep would be less savagery. Butcher waters the sheep before slaughtering it. He makes sure he slaughters it in a second of minute without letting it see the knife in his hands. While Imam Husain kept saying:” Thirst..thirst”

Imam Ali son of Husain saw a camel crying. He asked: Has this camel witnessed the killing of her son? Yes, the man answered. 

The Imam said this camel is like Laila who witnessed the killing of her son Ali al Akbar. 

Imam al Mahdi takes isolation in desert everyday recalling what happened in Karbala scene by scene: “I will cry in the morning and the evening blood instead of tears!” 

A poet addresses Imam al Mahdi saying: “How would you forget the sigh of al Zahra behind the door when she was pressed and her sigh when Husain was beheaded and his lips got blue from dryness and thirsty?! How would you forget your uncle al Abbas?! How would forget your aunts who were taken captives over the imposed caliphate states?! 


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