God re-enslaves his slaves. He re-enslaves us to save us



During Ramadan,
The voice of choice is so soft, most Muslims can’t even hear it,
Cuz we’re bathed in, and possessed by The Ramadan Spirit.

For at least a month of days
God re-enslaves his slaves.
He re-enslaves us to save us
From human weaknesses that would other wise deprave us.

Because from the cradle to the grave
Most humans are submerged in wave, after wave
Of inordinate desires… 
He craves, she craves, they crave, we crave
After gross things to taste, and foolish ways to “be-have.”

Thus God thrusts upon us
A blessed compulsion that elevates us above the dust
From which we are constructed,
So that our lives wont be conducted
As if God created souls to be slaves
To the gross foolish things our feeble flesh craves.

Unfortunately, unlike angels, man can rebel against what God Compels.
Mistaking arrogant pride as a virtue, man often resells
His most blessed chains of humility induced by deep spiritual discipline
Choosing simply to follow in
What the-less-than-blessed have the audacity to wallow in.

But even the weakest Muslims in sectarian Babylon
Tend to give in to God’s dictates in Most Blessed Ramadan.

What exquisite chains God uses to spiritually bind us,
To thoughts words and deeds that, ritually remind us
To continually realign ourselves with what will incline us
To the ethics, and values God uses to confine us
In the highest state of our nature God Wills to assign us.

In most other days the weak spirit craves
After sleep…
We creep into our comfortable temporary graves…
Sink under the covers, and forget that a true believer prays
Fifty two rakats… making our nights resemble our days.
But in blessed Ramadan we are compelled to set the alarm clock’s bell to dispel the spell of unconsciousness until the earth’s revolution begins to dispel The Darkness with a swell of light on the Eastern horizon.

And in those hours of the night when hungry souls are most inclined to be contrite, many feast upon enough light to prostrate, and ponder the plight of a soul that’s not altogether wrong, but not anywhere near all right. And in the darkness and aloneness of prayerful pre-daylight, a time when souls tend to mend their ways of sin aided by merciful hindsight, there’s no need to fight back the tears caused by fears due to contrite insight. That’s when… right then… we realize that if God chose to justifiably indict, there’s no way save through Mercy, God would give us the invite to dwell forever in heaven with souls brighter than moonlight. Then each sincere tear, each shudder in fear, is an increase in vigilant, pious foresight, and a turn towards God Consciousness, where mended souls then tend to avoid sins, then auspiciously do right.

Then later, as the pray-er fasts from marital bliss and from food, and sights, words, and deeds that are crude, skewed, and lewd… The Great Spirit of Ramadan will be graciously imbued with God’s forgiveness and mercy issued and reissued with God’s Most Gracious Magnanimous Gratitude.

We tend to forget that Ramadan not only chains the Satan who tempts us,
We Muslims are also refrained by shackles, and chains that exempts us     
From having to choose, and then possibly lose to the unchained ego that invariably pimps us….

That’s how light these rite chains of God Conscious Light are.
We’re dragged against our will to the reservoir of AlKauthar
Pied Piper prancing to Quran’s Holy repertoire.
Ramadan makes us behave like a superstar.
Compelled to excel and to be who we really are.

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