Human Rights

What happened in #Aleppo?

Google US, UK, Germany, France and guess what even Swiss profits of arms trades to conflicting zones, to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. These people were safe, eating, drinking, offered agricultural lands, health care and education even better than their just next door citizens in Lebanon are being offered from a government whose full staff names r in Panama papers, wikipedia over their corruption and bribes from KSA and Qatar. Saudi attackers hit the twin towers in USA killing hundreds of innocent people. What US and UK Tony Blair did is invading Iraq with the pretext on finding mass weapons destruction attacking thousands of thousands of innocent people, raping detainees in Abu Ghrib prison. Then, US and its puppets left the country with thousands of thousands of thousands of people sick of cancer. After withdrawing, US asked Iraq to pay compensation. For what? Who has to pay compensation? Who has to be driven to international world justice court for the endless chain and nonstop crimes. US left but didn’t actually left. It surrendered the chemical powders to al Qaeda (to invent their handmade bombs chasing 500 of passers in Iraq markets in rush hour). US left after opening tech-companies turning the country to a consumer society and institutions full of staff writing reports to US defense department (search English vacancy Iraq). Then, ISIS joined. Bombs bombs bombs. Beheading and killings of all styles. Then, moved to Yemen. In Yemen, some people were paid $1000 from KSA to support al Qaeda in an attempt to turn the local communities to be a hub for al Qaeda to irritate the nation to call for FREEDOM, DEMOCRAVY and HUMAN RIGHTS…the same happened in Syria. However, Yemenis and Iraqis and Lebanese (Lebanese already liberated their country from Israel occupation and aggression and made a steadfast deterrence against Israel monster threats). Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon STAYED HOME TO defeate ISIS or at least they are in progress of defeating ISIS and the States that are behind. Yet, Syrians got the money from KSA and welcomed ISIS up until ISIS and it’s look like killing groups became in the heart of Syria. Everything turned upside down and the people claimed revolution against the president who at least was not dictator like his father. The Syrians also got the money from NGOs and fleed leaving their country without defense, leaving their houses and now they are beggers for donations from here and there. It’s arms trade. It’s the big states. It’s the nation that is as stupid those who welcomed ISIS thinking they will make a change, a better life, a better tomorrow despite what the whole world media broadcast on the brutality of ISIS. Who’s calm and safe now? Israel. Why? Because it’s the deep historic ties of the beduins of KSA and the Jews of Khaibar who were totally defeated by Imam Ali bin Abi Talib. And the Whole issue is that these Jews want to take revenge. How? By occupying and swallowing Palestine, eating bites from Lebanon and Syria? Taking the water of Iraq. Taking I don’t know what from Sudan. Search any conflict, you’ll get KSA, Israel and America.


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