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The Servant of Imam Husain could be a Director and the Whole World is in Greater Need for Imam Husain Inspirational Teachings to make the Human Utopia




The Cinema Festival of Imam Husain’s Methodology started yesterday April 1, 2016 in the Holy City of Karbala.
Two-hundred films have been submitted for the festival in its second annual turn.

The festival aims at attracting cinema work and short films and documentaries from around the world to reflect life through Imam Husain’s school of thought including the common universal values like human rights, honesty and reforms.

The festival is organized by the Group of Karbala Satellite TV and sponsored by the Shrine of Imam Husain, peace be upon him.

The General Manager Sayid Haidar Jelowkhan emphasized in his opening speech that “the whole world seems today to be in greater need for Imam Husain inspirational teachings to help solve our planet’s crisis and to push us we human to the Husayni utopia, utopia of our human relations and utopia in our communities.”
Mr Jelowkhan also said “In a world full of crisis, it seems that even world organizations are failing to master solving these crisis. And if it happens and they succeed somewhere, they fail elsewhere whereas people are left suffering.”

Sheikh Dr Monjid al Ka’bi, the spokesperson of the Secretary-General of the Shrine of Imam Husain Sheikh Abd al Mahdi al Karbala’i said that the Administrative management of the Shrine sponsors such festival for its importance in spreading the word of Husain and also to let the world know who is Husain. “The supporter of Husain could be a director!” He said.

The Opening Ceremony was attended by hundreds of Cinema experts, filmmakers and directors from around the region and across Iraq.

The festival is held for 3 days and top submissions will be rewarded in a closing ceremony.



مهرجان النهج السينمائي | كربلاء



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