Husain who said NO when NO was a must

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O Master Husain bin Ali,
It’s another anniversary of your 40th Day following your martyrdom
along with your supporters & family members.
Calendar flips.
And here we are again
supporters IN MILLIONS,
multiple in number.

Your blood counts.
Your legend counts.
The media revolution & coverage
Lady Zeinab led from Ashura to al Arbaeen count.

We are here
fully attentive listeners,
and we are rewinding her speeches
word by word
destabilizing earth from beneath corrupters.

multiple in number;
we have AMPLIFIED Zeinab’s interpretation of your NO when no is a MUST.

O Lord of Reformer,
we’ve guaranteed you a stage
in every corner in the world
projecting the crimes committed
against you and Allah’s laws.

We’ve echoed your voice
calling for respect
of Allah’s & human rights.

O you the orchestrator of the symphony of life in a battle against tyranny,
& against inhumanity.

O Lord of Mercy,
It’s up to now
with ISIS emerge exactly
that the world has witnessed what we have been recalling by all means
over 1400 years
your encountering
of the criminality & severity of oppression
of your enemies’ such criminal mind set.

Your disclosure of your enemies mask is confirmed today and brought forth on top crisis world agenda.
Now the world bears witness
of what we’ve kept narrating
over and over again:
Either Yazid or Husain.

We are here IN MILLIONS,
multiple in number,
longing & paving the way
for the day the Mahdi
to establish the divine justice
for your cause
in a striking announcement:
‘O people of the world,
My grandfather Husain was suppressively killed.’

We are here Aba Abed Allah,
Lord of Reformers,
Lord of free men
& dignified nations.
on time,
on your 40th Day,
as son as father
making a chain
linking your day to the now.
You are the top figure in our news:
Husain was slaughtered.
A crime indeed.

O people from all nations & tribes,
colors, language,
near or far
Husain is a glittering star
killed by a stupid gang
denying your human rights
from being in touch
with the source of light.

In darkness,
the gang wished leaving you.

Lost in the jungle of criminals rule
but Husain said NO when no was a MUST.

And that is why we are here.

We are here again
renewing our pledge:
We’ve known no perfect leader other than you.

We live as Ali and die as Husain.

We are here again,
tell us and tell the world how severe your wounds are!
whether your baby is calm,
and if Zeinab is here by your side
or at her Shrine.

We’ve fulfilled our pledge
of keeping her safe
and we’ve made a human chain
connecting the dots of your spots.

We still have Mecca,
Fadak & al Baqie,
so please ask the Mahdi, your son,
to rise up & finish this matter now.

O Masters Husain & Mehdi, the son
Wherever you are,
multiple in number,
faithful in hearts,
loyal in our pledge:
at your service Master
spreading your word,
putting it in practice
& showing the world
what Husain taught us
& what’s for al Mahdi comes.

By the time your son arrives,
we will have been building bridges
and forming coalitions
of nations
of all races and skins
of those starving and struggling
for prosperity and justice as you define,
of those struggling to live humanity in its full meaning
and get wisdom in its full form,
according to Ahlul Bayt norm.

You who have inscribed
humiliation is impossible;
No for corruption;
humanity is always first.
And dignity is also first.

Your order,
your style of rule,
your justice that tastes
That’s what we miss.
Permit the moment the Mahdi comes
telling the world
what Husain taught us.

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