Ashura, Ashoura the 10th of Muharram, عاشوراء، العاشر من محرم, Assured, Beauty Within, Follower of Ahlul Bayt, Healing, Hope, Imam Husain, Hussein, Husayn, Peace be upon him, Poems, Tranquility, Rest of Mind, Rest of Soul, Assured, Relaxed & Smiling Spirit, عاشوراء، العاشر من محرم

The Husayni Love


Imam Husain Dome from inside the Shrine, taken today.

We are here Aba Abdillah.
Another Ashura.
Another display of the love of your visitors from all around the world.
It is a melting pot of lovers gathering here to express their attachment and love to the glorified beloved Master Husain.

Breathtaking moments,
tear-jerking hearts &
sentimental scenes are all mixed now & here with alphabetic logic
that the love of Husain is a must, a wonder and a heaven magic.

We’ve come to express that love which hardly is expressed!

Condensed moments and intensified feelings are all melt on this day, the day Husain left;
and since then, we’ve been getting more and more attached to the Lord of Martyrs who sacrificed everything granting himself the moment he’s being back to the Lord of lords and universe, back to pure mercy, pure purity and pure light.

[Allah | يا ايتها النفس المطمئنة ] Back to me beloved, back to me tranquilled heart, tranquilled mind and brilliant smile.

Husain left after having battled inhumanity; and since then, we’ve been attached to Husain’s Divine delegacy.

If love is not our love to Husain and Husain’s love to his Lord, then define to me love.

If love is not being melted in this HUSAIN-his Lord and lovers circle of love, then define to me love.

Love, dear, is the messages the visitors of Husain  carry on behalf of their far communities from those who couldn’t come to greet Husain in person in his Shrine.

Love is the suplication of those who couldn’t come “Please, let us come!”.

Love, is the supplication under the dome of Husain with beating hearts “Accept our visit, and greet us back some peace from your breath and hand!”.

Love is getting crazy for the loss of Husain with all that love burning and longing to see him even once.

O Lord, no matter what love is but grant me that love that is born with my breath or rebirth once knowing the truth of your true love, lovers and beloved;
Grant me it untill my death and I join you where Husain is safe near the source of mercy and love,
O Lord of lovers,
Grant me that Husayni love.

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