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It’s OK for Germany to show Kindness to Immigrants Today. Germany’s History is Black.

Qyadriqa discussed today on DW whether immigrants crisis is receiving sufficient concern or not with four guests on top of whom the German – Arabic interpreter Guntor Ort (spelling may be unaccurate) who said: “It is ok today if Germany shows kindness to immigransts. It’s history is black.”
He also said that the crisis is due to the failure of policies of both the EU & the Middle East.
He called Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & UAE to welcome Syrian refugees for it is easier for their life going with no language barrier.

Ghinwa al Hassan, Lebanese Social Worker in Berlin, said the there are some cases in which family members are torn between countries. She brought into light a story of a family whose mother is prisoned now because an EU country (she didn’t name it) refused to welcome refugees whereas her child daughter was found by another refugee on street. The child was immediately handed over to the association that al Hassan leads; since then, efforts are intensified to know where exactly the mother is.
Al Hassan also highlighted that the refugee students are being bullied in German schools located in villages and thus the mothers prefer to move to the capital where their sons are more welcomed.
She also alarmed that these pupils have already witnessed war, blood & poverty.
Al Hassan said that the countries that are raising fence against refugees and immigrants are actually working against EU values related to humanity & democracy.

أزمة اللاجئين: هل تلاقي إهتماماً كافيا؟ | كوادريغا | DW (Arabia) | 20.08.15 | DW.COM

أزمة اللاجئين: هل تلاقي إهتماماً كافيا؟
يفرون من الاضطهاد والحرب والفقر، بحثا عن الأمن وحياة أفضل في أوروبا، وأعدادهم تتزايد باستمرار. في هذا العام وحده وصل مئات آلاف اللاجئين إلى ألمانيا. استعداد الناس لمساعدتهم كبير، ولكن هناك أيضا حالة من الاستياء تصل أحيانا إلى حد الاعتداء على اللاجئين. فهل ستتمكن أوروبا من التعامل برزانة مع هذه الأزمة الإنسانية؟ أم أنها ستنأى بنفسها أكثر فأكثر؟

من برلين يرافقكم في هذه الحلقة من كوادريغا: أحمد اعبيدة

ضيوف الحلقة:
1- غونتر أورت: كاتب ومترجم – ألمانيا
2- إبراهيم السيد: ناشط حقوقي – سوريا
3- غنوة الحسن: مرشدة اجتماعية – لبنان




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