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Obama slips up: “We’re Training ISIL”

زلة لسان اوباما “نحن ندرب داعش”.

100 % Related:

Guess what? ISIS is trained by Blackwater.

1000 % Related:
Hersh wrote who’s behind ISIS. He detailed how the Saudi Bandar bin Sultan stated that he will fund terrorist groups and that he doesn’t know where this will lead to; how Bush approved.

Hersh article + the Black Water news of training ISIS + Obama’s video provided here are all in all the script or scinario of US- Saudi series of the Wahhabi al Qaeda affiliated branches including ISIS.

Note that it is the Shia, the followers of Ahlul Bayt on top of whom Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali, who are defeating ISIS and all of those backing this terrorist group.

The Shia are the minority Muslims who adhered to Prophet Muhammad appointment of Imam Ali as the only qualified man in charge of rulinh Islam and Muslims affairs.

The rest were misled by the chaos arranged by those who imposed themselves as caliphates.

These calphates are just copies ot today’s kings, amirs and stuff in power making the most abuse banning citizens’ simple daily life aspects of development and prosperity.

Most of non-Shia majority known as Sunnah are misled by the Wahhabi Saudi propaganda and school of blocked thought and became the hub and the incubators of al Qaeda and ISIS.



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