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The Power that supports Ahlul Bayt Followers to survive all conpiracy index & achieve victory – NHK Documentary

The Great Highway 2015

New documentary series on the Japanese English speaking channel NHK connecting worlds together.

The documentary investigates the power that has supported Iran to overcome and survive the revolution, the war and the sanctions for decades.

The camera takes you to the Shrine of Sultan Ali bin Mossa al Ridha who is visited by millions every year. “Here” behind this shrine Imam “Ali al Ridha lies.”


“I cry for myself and for the Imam”, a visitor told NHK.


“The Imam responds to people and their requests”, anorher visitor said.


“Love overcome religious differences here in Iran”.

The reports sums up after interviewing Jewish living in complete coexistence environment.

First Run Today:


Second Rerun Today:


Watch “CHOICE OF THE WEEK (Week of July 6, 2015 programs)” on YouTube

How to receive NHK TV?


Direct Reception:





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