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Imam Ali & Supreme Lady Fatima- Love Story of Light upon Light

Their hearts are the purifed hearts connected to the realm of Allah, humanity, kindness & mercy.
Their love is the love embracing Allah’s love.
They shine purity, perfection and truthfulness.
Their story started before the creation of mankind.
Their beings are light upon light generated from Allah’s light.
They are the heavenly match made- Allah’s choice.
They came to earth to manifest how love verily combine souls and souls unite.
The moment these souls miss each other is beyond any description.
The moment these souls call each other to come and join after years of absence is beyond imagination.
Upon her death, he recited these verses:
‘ O, life, you are not a friend…my loss of Fatima is a proof that no friend lasts..’

Tonight, he will stay awake waiting for her to uplift the burdens life set on his shoulders during long years of her absence.

They will reunite again.

They will come back to the realm of light. Their love story resumes there light upon light.

Watch “Imam Ali – Father of the Orphans! انشودة – فراق علي” on YouTube



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