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A Sigh responds to Sigh

The whole pure beings of Imam Ali, Supreme Lady Fatima and Supreme Prophet Muhammad are of light nature, full of kindness, love and mercy.
Life has shown them its brutal face.
They came to earth suffered the maximum and left to join the realm of light again.
After the departure of Prophet Muhammad, Imam Ali used to watch Lady Fatima as she was performing her prayer.
Whenever his soul gets longing to Prophet Muhammad, he just watches Fatima in her prayer so that memories get back and make his relief.
However, life brutality continued as if cutting from the whole pure heart of Ali taking Fatima this time.
‘ O death, you are not leaving me! I see you departing every friend of mine. I see you finding them very skillfully. You have fallen upon my heart, cutting it with a well-sharp sword.
O death, why are you deeply burning my chest?
Deeply burning my hot sighs? Leaving me puzzled!
You have kidnapped my beloved Ahmad, and then you shortly came back to snatch al Zahra?
While I am who whenever I miss watching Ahmad and my soul gets longing to reconnect with him, I used to watch Fatima suplicating, praying all of which refreshed my memories with my friend Ahmad.
O Muhammad, embrace your daughter az- Zahra tonight. She is coming full of harm. Ask every sigh of her so that each sigh responds by another. Ask her of every cry chained by my cry. Smother in her eye an ember with the sweetness of your beautiful and merciful mouth.

Watch “ألا أيها الموت – شعر الإمام علي ع بعد فقده فاطمة ع” on YouTube



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