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The Departure of Ali – فراق علي

Orphans have become in miserable state
looking to earth
melancholy rests over their shoulders
their tears are on their cheeks
sighing for their father
Their tears run over their cheeks.

It is he Ali who used to come at night
alone and tired
carrying bread and dried dates.

Now, they knew who used to come and feed them.
He is Ali.

Sky has reddened.
Hearts are torn.
Night’s darkness has prevailed.

Tonight, my wish will be fulfilled,
cry not my daughter
the tears of your longing have become in my eyes
Fatima is coming tonight
she knows what happened to me
she is coming tonight for my tragedy
I will stay awake waiting for her
After the pain in heart and the intensity of that pain
due to the long years of [her] absence.

Watch “فراق علي : انشودة فارسية مترجمة بالعربي” on YouTube

فراق علي مترجمة الى الانكليزية- فاطما الخنسا
Departure of Ali- Translated into English by Fatima al Khansa


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