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A Moment of Silence to restore our Human Sense and Counsciousness


Ask warlords to stop buying us we citizens fake sountbites and media statements.
Ask warlords and state presidents not to sign weapons contracts to fuel conflicts and war zones any where.
Ask UN to turn the table on the ‘heads’ of the beasts under its dome and kill conspiracies against citizens in the moment of birth before genocide is committed, before my son is injured, or captive taken my dear tulip daughter is.
Ask media to stop being biased and in favor on ISIS and al Qarda cruelty advance.
Ask media not to call these thugs ‘rebels’ or ‘resistance’.
Ask world head leaders to stop delivering logestic aids to ISIS in Iraq to let them survive the fierce attack of the lions of Muhammad and Ali.
Ask people all around the world to wake up that Islam is what Muhammad said and did, what Ahl Bayt taught..ethics..ethics..ethics..science..science..science..the knowledge of earth, spirit, human and heavens.
Ask people to wake up that Islam Sharia Law is not what media, ISIS or al Al Qaeda propagete but rather it is 10 percent enhancing relations with Allah, and 90 % with humans on top of whom mum and dad followed by the nearest 7 neighbors whether this neighbor is an individual or a bordered state.
Ask them not to gamble in my name.

Fatima al khansa فاطما



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