Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

Supreme Lady Fatima in the Heart of Saudi Arabia السيدة فاطمة في عقر دار السعودية

I’ve devoted my social media and life to enlighten the world on the rights and the position of Ahlul Bayt starting from Prophet Muhammad up until reaching the 12th Imam al Mahdi, May Allah’s blessings be upon them.
I care to share all humans in this world what we Shia , the follower of Ahlul Bayt know about Ahlul Bayt and why it is important to share.
I’ve always emphasized on the knowledge of Ahlul Bayt and the treasures we have carried to present to humanity.
I’ve always said that we Shia have encountered a horrible history for over 1400 years suffering all kinds of attrocities no more than because we are the followers of Ahlul Bayt.
The world has come to know and witness the attrocities I am talking about with the emergence of al Qaeda and ISIS.
That would be enough to tell who we are, whom we are following and who our enemy is.
I kept connecting the dots between what happened in history and what is going on now and where we are heading.
With the spread of ISIS attrocities, I kept saying you see these are the sons of the fathers who DARED to cause harm to Prophet Muhammad and his Houshold, to Supreme Lady Fatima who is honored to be the mother of the 11 Imams and the wife of Imam Ali, all of whom have brought justice to this world in its most pleasurable taste, and fought corruption by words, words, words and awakening.
Even the rise of Imam al Husain was titled as he himselfe titled is the vicotry of blood over sword. In a very similar context to today whereas corruption is filling the earth and even civil society bodies and inttelectuals people find it too hard to be able to correct and adjust the course we are heading to.
Imam Husain who found himslef obliged to encounter the terrorism of Yazid (ISIS Emir, if this is easy to absorb) and his army who seized Imam Husain in Karbala and brutally slaughtered him and his supporters in one day named Ashura, the 10th of Muharram not too late after the Prophet but just in the 60th year of Hegira. If this indicates something, it tells a lot how deviated and astray the majority of Muslims went due to the curropted rule by the Caliphates who imposed themselves stealing the wealth of the citizens just as today’s rulers against whom tens of revolutions have arosen without a bit of change. Add to this the ‘Great States’ backing of today’s rulers just to keep their interests reserved..wealth, oil, natural resources and let the nation go to hell.
EU is now smiling to the Black Africans after a full history of the white invading and raping in that far continent.
Two days ago, French President ‘humbly’ went in a tour to Africa seeking new financial opportunities. The arrogants are kissing the hands of the abased people.
Again this is a complete failure of the sword, and the total victory of the abased, the victim. It’s Allah’s addicted issue to raise the abased and lower the arrogant. And once this happens, it happens forever. That means, there will be no other rise for those who are arrogant, for those who have ruled even for 10 days and failed to bring justice within this trial period. This is simply Allah’s law stated by the mouth of Ali, the husband of Supreme Lady Fatima and the first successor of Prophet Muhammad.
Would the majority of Muslims have been following Imam Ali, the the whole world would have been saved from any harm from the scences of the attrocities we are watching now.
Again, the word made a victory over the sword today. Guess what and whom?
Saudi Arabia, about which I was intensively tweeting and writing about its fake fake fake role in the world giving donations to human rights organizations in one hand and funds ISIS and the complete staff of suicide bombers in Iraq since its lovely pupet Saddam was killed.
Saudi Arabia that is launching a war against the poorest flesh and blood creatures on earth in Yemen, Saudi Arabia whose mosques filled the world liscenced by EU governments and graduate nothing more than empty minds and full of hatred hearts bombing every corner on this earth, this Saudy Arabia that WIKILEAKS is now taking the lead in disclosing its hidden and inner and top secrets of dirty relations and deals that you may ever imagine, this Saudy Arabia that launched hundreds and hundreds of media outlets with popcorn Whhabi sheikhs just to underestimate Ahlul Bayt and fill the world with hatred against Shia, the followers of Ahlul Bayt.
Today, the word again wins over the sword and over all of these dirty hard crimes.
Geuss what?
Dr Adnan Ibrahim, a Sunni Scolar from the heart of Jordon, Jordon which is allied with all of the dirty work of Saudi Arabia, US and Israel, ok?
Dr Adnan Ibrahim who bravely faced all of the popcorn Wahhabi Sheikhs announcing his love and deep respect for Ahlul Bayt on top of whom is Supreme Lady Fatima.
Even if you don’t know Arabic. Just watch his facial expressions defending Supremen Lady Fatima as he was debating Wahhabi Sheikhs.
Ibrahim says: “If you don’t know me, I have been swallowing books since was under the age of 10. I am not a popcorn who appeared as Sheikh all of sudden after 30.” He adds: ‘I will never mention Aisha as I talk about Supreme Lady Fatima. Aisha is the daughter of abu Bakr. Supreme Lady Fatima is the daughter of Muhammad, a part of his whole being, his blood and flesh.’ He addresses the Wahhabi Sheikhs who filled the air with hatred speech against Ahlul Bayt and thus produced a complete generation of ISIS with utmost aim of slaughtering. He says: “I am honored to be a servant of the shoes of the Supreme Lady Fatima.”

Watch “عندما يتحدث ..؟ عن فاطمة الزهراء د عدنان ابراهيم.” on YouTube

This is another video in which he mocks ISIS establishing of its claimed ‘Islamic’ and claimed ‘Caliphate’ in Iraq. He says: ‘..Iraq where civilization first took place 5 thousand years ago..Iraq that has know civilization twice in history.’ He adds: ‘In Iraq, both the servants of Allah and the servants of Satan coexist but ISIS wants something different from this scene.’ He mocks the practice of circumcision which not of Islam but an African tradition.

Watch “رأي عدنان إبراهيم في اعلان داعش للخلافة” on YouTube

Now this man whith his style of presenting Ahlul Bayt and attacking the popcorn Wahhabi Saudi Sheikhs is a guest on a Saudi TV ‘alKhalijiaTV’.

Watch “برنامج ليطمئن قلبي مع الدكتور عدنان إبراهيم – الحلقه 16” on YouTube

I caught him just today ending his 15th or 16th episode as saying and as requoted by the presenter: “We either go to destruction or tolerance”.

In a previous episode the presenter tackled beauty and art in Islamic perspective with the same guest.
If this means anything, it means the Saudi Arabia has been obliged to change its tone due to the blessings of the victory of the abased, the victims, and the lions of Muhammad and Ali who successfully defeated ISIS and whoever behind ISIS.

This statement from this man on this TV in the time being means the blood of innocent people who have been attacked by ISIS which is funded by Saudi Arabia floating oil wealth and the efforts of the lions of Muhammad and Ali who defeated this ISIS have come to a victorious era flipping the earth under the kings & emirs.

The hashtag of the episodes is to bring tranquility to my heart. In Arabic it is # ليطمئن-قلبي

I wish it is so and that Dr Adnan will now reach the very audience of Saudi Arabia media and enlighten them with truth.

I wish it is to bring tranquility to the hearts of humanity.

I wish it is as so and the Saudi TV will bear what Dr Adnan Ibraheem words of lights to break the darkenss of the Wahhabi school.

I wish it is to bring tranquility to my heart and not an attempt to keep the throne reversed on the head of the kings and emirs or keep the smile in the selfie photo surrounded by world presidents on the red carpet in the international society.

د عدنان ابراهيم، العالم السني الاردني المعروف بلهجته المواجهة لمشايخ الوهابية ودفاعه عن حبه واحترامه للسيدة فاطمة وال البيت وايضا استياءه الشديد من داعش ومن وراءها هو ضيف حلقات وصلت الى الحلقة ال 15 او ال 16 على القناة الخليجية السعودية. وهذا يعني الكثير لمن يعرف لهجته وحدته في الدفاع عن ال البيت. وهذا يعني انه سيطال جمهور القنوات السعودية. كما ان هذا يعني ان القنوات السعودية خضعت وركنت وان هذا تحول كبير في اللهجة على القنوات السعودية. وهذا يعني انتصار للمظلومين ولدماء الشهداء والابرياء وانتصار لاسود محمد وعلي الذين هزموا داعش ومن وراءها. واتمنى ان تتحمل السعودية كلام النور لكسر سواد داعش وان تكون الحلقات حسب الهاشتاغ الخاص لها #ليطمئن-قلبي وليس ليستمر تاجي على عرشي واستمر في اخذ صورة السلفي مع زعماء العالم على السجادة الحمراء في المجتمع الدولي. للاطلاع على فيديوهات د. ابراهيم حول السيدة فاطمة وداعش،



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