Media Watch

The Hands gambling in World Affairs & Crises?

Everyone breathing on this earth must keep an open eye to every bit of word and move; especially if this word is flooded in mainstream media and presented in a catchy fashion.

The gambling hands I am talking about and that are behind all the crises we are suffering from belong to one side. This side is now the utmost side causing all sources of curroption, hunger, distortion, conflicts..whatever devil may come to your mind or may be beyond your imagination.
These hands are behind Greek debts for the heads of these hands decided to keep nations chained to bank debts and credits so that you keep running in a ‘highly compititive’ manner just to settle your bills.
These hands are behind any sort of cobflict or clash that mainstream media rush to cover and fuel up until you find US tanks and troops there invading, raping, smuggling, stealing, and if to come more gentle face you fine PEACE KEEPERS also raping raping raping….
These hands have been always disclosed by Muslims carefully monitoring every bit of word and move.
The world is now drowning and trapped in the conspiracies of these heads and hands.
Even human rights and aids organizations are also drowning in this trap.
They ask donor to help. Donations will help them to help. They market their help. The dead is dead. The wound is suffering. Loss is loss. And nothing can restore anything. Then, these org express deep sorrow to the victims for the shortage of cash money and instead of cutting floating salaries for allien experts, they cut it from the mouth of the hunger.
Just to mention, we are now in an era that even hunger strike doesn’t strike us.
They zoom the suffering of those suffering instead of louding their voice face-to-face to the real corruptors on this earth that are taking the whole humanity to a dead end.
Zoom the crime of the criminals instead, warlords and beneficiaries of deadly clashes.
Get compensations from warlords and heads of congresses gambling our lives. Expose them and let the world know the more and more on who’s behind.

I caught these hands while I was searching the new fabricated copy of claimed Quran in USA.

I found it on Amazon.




Read who’s the author.
Salafee to indicate that he is salafi wahhabi Saudi.
And Mahdy to indicate that he is Shia.

While the real author is: Christian Missionary



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