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Sheikh Ali Korani the scholar of Ahlul Bayt prophecies in the end of times states:

ISIS, al Qaeda and all of those affiliated to al Sofyani figure who is in turn the direct enemy of Imam al Mahdi will be uprooted by uprooting Saudi Kingdom. Backed by Turkey, these groups will gather in their last war in Qarqisia. Birds will eat from Turks. Then earthquake will shake the land under the Sofyani and his army which is said to be heading to fight the Mahdi.

The Mahdi is the 12 hidden infallible Imam, the son of Imam al Hassan al Askari and Malika, the Princess of Rome daughter of one of Rome’s kings. She came to Baghdad following signs and upon receiving a letter from Imam Ali al Hadi, the Father of Imam al Askari.
Imam al Hadi wrote her a letter in her own language.
Princess Malika was intuitively refusing a marriage proposal from the head of the army of her father. She attempted to refuse the request twice. She refused to have a lavishly spent off wedding because her heart was full of pain due to the sufferings of the poor and the injustice that was also filling the world at her time.
Upon preparing herself for the second time arranged wedding, and while she was in the palace where all were waiting for her YES confirmation of being a wife to the head of the army, the palace ground got shaken due to an attack of the enemy that was approaching the city but the head of the army kept the updated hidden in an attempt to make gaining of this marriage.
She quit the ceremonies without being bounded in any marriage. She left Rome heading to Baghdad. She told the trader that she is waiting for a man with a letter from her Master (Imam Ali al Hadi).
Soon, she got married to Imam al Hassan al Askari and carried in her womb the baby who will bring the justice that will fill the earth, the justice she always dreamt off.

A top scholar says:

Based on Ahlul Bayt Prophecies, Imam al Mahdi is born to achieve victory. His enemies will fail to cause him any harm.

What we are witnessing now is the era of corruption, chaos, oppression, misleading, hatred, distortion of all divine messages, inhumanity, loss of souls and dignity.

The day he comes, Jesus will be his second hand minister. Jesus will lead a 7 year long negotiation with the Christian world to surrender to Imam al Mahdi.

ISIS, al Qaeda, the Wahhabis, the Salafis, the Saudi kings and amirs are all the descendents to the killers of Ahlul Bayt and the descendents of the caliphates who banned Ahlul Bayt their rights that granted and appointed by Allah.

Humans on this earth are given supreme models chosen by Allah. These models have achieved perfection of merits and life aspects so that whenever a human being get upset by any other peer human whether could be a regime, someone in power, or even a husband, a wife, son or daughter, humans have the chance to keep looking on the source of lights and perfection and remember that we are here to be ascending maybe to positions that exceed those of angels.
In the opposite coin, there oppressors, killers, occupation powers, invasion states, weapon manufacturers…all of those that are causing harm to people or earth and universe…ISIS and alike, gays and those disobeying Allah and allowing themselves to do what Allah bans (like eating insects or dogs in Asia) are in a descending trend to be less than animals in ranks.

As Islam teachings recommend: it is either one way out of two and you choose.



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