2015 Agenda, Beyond 2015, Ahlul Bayt Knowledge, Assured, Beauty Within, Hope, Life, Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them, Smile and Breath Allah Exists :), Tranquility, Rest of Mind, Rest of Soul, Assured, Relaxed & Smiling Spirit


Happiness is the return reward and blessings betwoed from Allah when you are grateful, thankful, working forward, having good will, helping, fighting oppression, defending ur rights, wish to others what you wish for yourself, not causing harm to any, behave with respect to your parents, neighbors, raising ur children properly, fulfilling your duties and those in power fulfil their duties toward you as a citizen. Imam Ali said: I don’t sleep satisfied from food while there is one hunger in Yemen. He said this when he was the ruler of islamic world that counts as 50 states of today.



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