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Bcz they have left the Propget teachings behind especially when he said it is Ahlulbayt, the 12 infallible Imams, who are the only eligible to interpret the Quran and ignored him when he said it is Ahlul Bayt exclusively who who manage Muslim affairs, rule Muslims and speak in the name of Islam. What happened was that fool Arabs followed fool leaders up until reaching this tip point; their line has brought the WAHHABIS in Saudi Arabia, AL QAEDA & ISIS. And now the whole humanity is suffering. Add to this that Western influence due to historical issues like Ottoman rule.. have never kept Muslim lands breathing but instead they put their hand in every cook of elections up until we wake in the morning seeing people not of our choise. Ex. Hillary Clinton intervention to push Brotherhood to power in Egypt. The fool ruled. The citizens paid the prise. Ex 2. The Bahrainis have been rebelling in all democratic ways; yet hamad still enjoys his relation with Angela Merkel. No one bothers him. Ex 3. Saddam ruled and genocided without dragging him to international justice court. The people. Ex 4. US majesty glourished in democratic system after historical cleansing of locals and kept trying this scinario trying to reach our lands but we cut their hands and the hands of their little baby born Israel and extanding arms da’sh. So wake up. We are the sons of Muhammad, Ali, al Hassan, al Husain …and we are paving the way for the TheAwaited Mahdi.

Plus Allah’s freedom is as this. You do good, you go paradise. You do corruption, you go hell. His Almighty sets up a full flashed GUIDANCE through DIVINE MESSAGES & APPOSTLES who just kept TALKING TALKING TALKING until the last breathe. Then it is up to any one. Based on this, according to Allah’s principles: it is your own choices that determine your fate.



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