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Take Action | Shia Day 12/6 | Shia Rights Watch

Take Action
People are either your brother and sister in faith, or they are your counterpart in humanity.Imam Ali bin abi Taleb


Help us prevent the violence against Shia Muslims
Shia Rights Watch encourages all active members of society to use their spare time to make a difference. If you would like to make a difference, SRW has ways for you to get involved and defend the individuals around the world whose human rights are being violated.

Here are ways you can make a mark in this world:

1. Write to your Congressman or Congresswoman to support H. Res. 105 and S. Res. 69

Shia Rights Watch is currently working with congressmen, and community leaders to ensure the passage of these pieces of legislation. The way to do this is by getting the members of the House Foreign Affairs and Senate Foreign Relations committees to co-sponsor this legislation to ensure it goes for a mark-up and later a vote. We hope you are able to read over this quick outline and lend your support for the passage of these two resolutions.

What this resolution does:

Reaffirms the United States’ commitment to protecting religious freedom, especially that of religious minorities
Recognizes that policies prohibiting the freedom of thought and religious are designed to intimidate and harass religious groups.
Urges the United States Government to lead the international effort to repeal all existing apostasy and blasphemy laws.
Benefits of this resolution:

Makes the protection of religious liberties of Shia Muslims a foreign policy objective
Draws attention to incidents of Anti-Shiism around the globe
Recognizes the importance of the promotion of religious freedom in combating religious extremism
Download the Sample of letter

Here is the resolutions if you have not seen it

H. RES. 105
S. RES. 69
International Shia Rights resolution

Download the Sample of letter

Here is the resolution if you have not seen it

S./H. Res
2. If You are Social media geek show you support by using and promoting our cause;

Note: The more attentions we get the more awareness we can create.

Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Google+ / …..

3. Donate !

The miracle is this – the more we share, the more we have. — Leonard Nimoy

It is important for us to be independent and continue our work without affiliating our NGO to any groups or Country. Help us research, create campaign, hold an event and finance our work.

For Donation Click Here!

4. UN Complaint

Many of us have either lost our family member or know someone who lost their beloved ones. Raise your voice and fill out the OHCHR Complaint. Let us deliver your oppression to the United Nation. This way we will make the Special Rapporteur pay more attention to your cause.

Fill Out the Form Here!

5. Join Our Team

Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain love for one another. —Erma Bombeck

There are many ways to help our organization to promote peace, nonviolence and prevent violence against Shia Muslims, each one of you have talent which would help us be creative. bring your talent to Shia Rights Watch

Read more:


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