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US claimed ‘Global Leadership’ has failed in Protecting Refugees

Tomorrow not only marks World Refugee Day, but the one year anniversary of the Obama Administration’s plan to send Central American families seeking protection in the United States to immigration detention facilities. Within the past year, thousands of women and children have been held in these facilities, but thankfully the results of this troubling policy haven’t gone unnoticed.

In recent weeks, 136 members of Congress and 33 senators have joined human rights groups, leading women’s organizations, groups focused on the protection of women from violence, religious leaders, legal associations, and others in urging the administration to stop detaining women and children seeking asylum and put in place policies that better align with the United States’ long history of leadership in protecting the persecuted.

Take action to stop the Obama Administration from sending families seeking asylum to immigration detention.

World Refugee Day is meant to raise awareness of the plight – and strength – of refugees worldwide. Today there are more people displaced in the world than at any other time since World War II, making U.S. global leadership in protecting the persecuted more necessary than ever. Yet the administration continues to expand its policy of immigration detention.

Our new report assessing the administration’s family detention policy concludes that detaining these mothers and children is expensive, runs counter to American ideals, and is out of step with international law.

Join us in urging the Obama Administration to stop the inhumane policy of sending families seeking asylum to immigration detention.

Eleanor Acer
Senior Director, Refugee Protection
Human Rights First



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