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Helen Clark One of the World’s Most Powerful Women | UNDP

New York – Forbes Magazine today announced its annual list of the world’s most powerful women and Helen Clark, Chief of the United Nations Development Programme, again ranked among the top 25.

Helen Clark has been a regular on the Forbes list since her time as Prime Minister of New Zealand, this year coming in at number 23.

Recognizing her influence as the head of the United Nations agency leading the global fight against poverty, the magazine called her “the most powerful woman in the United Nations.” Forbes also recognized UNDP’s work responding to the Syrian refugee crisis and Ebola crisis.

The article called attention to the number of women in power around the globe, saying, “As of January 2015, 10 women served as heads of state and 14 as heads of government. Women currently hold 23 (4.6%) of CEO positions at S&P 500 companies. Of a total 1,826 global billionaires, 197 are women — 11% of the total. Only 9% of executive officers in Silicon Valley are women.”

Calling these stats “wretched,” Forbes said their recurrence year after year represented a “serious and pressing issue.”



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