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“TRAILER – ISABEL (The Queen of Castile) – English subtitles”

I recommend watching this drama. The Muslim captured and tortured to convert to Christianity refused and kept supplicating: May Allah’s blessings be upon Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad. O Allah, just as you made blessings on Abraham and the Household of Abraham.
The Christian authority tried to convert Muslims by force and ordered to collect their books from their houses, but one of his colleagues advised not to burn them because they are culturally valuable. He ploted to force old Muslim men to Christianity so that their second generation will be Chritian by nature.
As the drama shows, the hand of this top religious authority got paralysed just when he was baptizing a number of Muslims.

The Queen and the King refused this Christian crazinees and ordered to replace him by a more reasonable religious man to deal with the crisis with more balance.


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