Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

– Papa Roqaya ابتي حسين-

English4Media / اللغة الانكليزية للاعلام

Listen to this Lamentation before you go reading:

– Papa Roqaya

When to gather again? Roqaya sings her lovely father-daughter intonations drawing a smile on the face of her father Husain and soothes the heart of Grandma Lady Fatima?
She swiftly turns her whole body, mind, spirit, thoughts, hopes and long dress gently touches by her small fingers  the faces of the gatherings.
She turns again and again and fell only in the lap of her father Husain. She opens her eyes makes sure he’s here. Still here. Still smiling. Her heart is beating fully generating a love that is filling all the galaxies of the universes echoing her songs to the habitants there. Her vibrations shake the surface of their globe
“Wake up! Husain still here. I am Roqaya. Let me tell you the best best dad and daughter bed time stories.”
“I am Roqaya, my palm is on…

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