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Saudi Regime will be uprooted due to its Attrocities- Allah Laws


‘We are victims of your Fatwa’ is what hundreds of Shia in al Hijaj raised their voice with addressing the Saudi Wahhabi school. ‘Had our half, the females, joined this gathering, we would have been at least a million gathering here; thus we are not few in number.’ Said the spokesman in the event of paying tribute to the two young men martyred sacrificing their souls to save other 2000 prayers in Imam al Husain Masjid preventing a Wahhabi Saudi suicide bomber from penetrating into the Masjid.

‘They have targeted us in our best and most blessed status, in the Holy Month of Sha’aban, in blessed Friday, during the most blessed hours- during prayer. They are targeting us in what we like.’ The spokesman said.

‘We are here to let them know that we are raising our voice high and to let them be aware of the attrocities they commit against us, we the oppressed in this country.’

The spokesman reminded of approved historical facts as Allah swiftly punished the tyrants and uprooted them from power following thier savagary killing and burning innocent figures.

‘It’s not the coalition of states that would ever punish. Let them know that it’s Allah Who will punish to bring justice the victims.’ The spokesman adds.

The spokesman accused on the funeral of the martyrs of the blast that hit another masjid in al Qdih just last Friday the Wahhabi curiculm in schools embeded for decades in the country. The curriculm describes the followers of Ahlul Bayt as apostles.

ISIS has recently called its members in al Hijaz to start cleansing against the Shia.




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