Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

Spiritual Vacuum in the West has driven its People to join ISIS

DW publishes a story of Danish  Musician Mortin Shtorm who joined ISIS, eventually he has jumped from music and al alchohol to killing domain. Shtorm says his life was spiritually empty and he had been sesrching for a meaning in his life up until he read the translation of the Quran in a public library. He says that upon reading the first page, the first Sua he got all what he was searching about.
What matters and what all decision makers in the world must know is that Islam is not the version followed by the majority of Muslims spread in the world and definitely is not the copy created by the Wahhabi Saudi school. Islam simply is what Prophey Muhammad recommends following: the Quran & Ahlul Bayt no more no less. So search not for Islam or soiritually by figures or country. Search the roots interpreted by the tongue of Ahlul Bayt. Shia scholars spend their lives investigating the narrations heritage of Ahlul Bayt, approving what has been correct and is in harmony with the Quran and rejecting what is claimed to be chained to Ahlul Bayt while in fact is stated by the enemies of Ahlul Bayt. Why should the world bother knowing this? Because we are all on the same boat. My ideology affects you. The ideology of my enemy affects you. Search me, my history, the biographies of my Leaders, Prophet Muhammad, Supreme Lady Fatima, Imam Ali, Imam al Hassan, Imam Husain up until reaching the Mahdi, the promised survivor who is ASSIGNED to put an end for this chaos and all of the disasters humanity is suffering from.
This day is soon.
We are in the last chapter.
Following his arrival, humans will enjoy balance, prosperity, development, completion of knowledge and wisdom.
May Allah hasten his arrival along with Jesus.

All areas disturbed by ISIS except the occupied Palestine controled by Zionists.
Israeli Zionist Un-religious in the shape of human says The Lord has sent ISIS to protect us (the Israelis).
The 2 young Shia Saudis who saved the lives of 2000 prayers in the suicide attack claimed by ISIS in Imam al Husain Masjid in al Dammam in Saudi Arabia today. The second blast in the second masjid in two weeks. Both on Fridays.

مورتن شتورم – من مقاتل في القاعدة إلى عميل مزدوج | سياسة واقتصاد | DW.DE | 29.05.2015



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