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Sources Reveal Iran Doesn’t Have The Bomb – Saudi Arabia Does | Addicting Info: The Knowledge You Crave

Senior U.S. Officials confirmed to The Sunday Times that there was another nuclear power in the world, in the Middle East in fact. But the name attached to it is not the one pandered to the public for years. This new Middle Eastern nuclear power is not Iran, nor Iraq before it, but U.S. ally Saudi Arabia.

Years ago, the BBC revealed that Saudi Arabia had bankrolled the Pakistani nuclear program, with the payoff being that they would have nuclear weapons on demand. Apparently, with the confirmation that Israel possesses a nuclear arsenal, Saudi Arabia has placed that order.

While some sources have tried to link this move to the deal with Iran, the Iranian deal would bar them from gaining a nuclear weapon. Instead, one has to point to Israel’s position as a nuclear power in the region for the Saudi’s decision to place the order.

It needs to be kept in mind that Saudi Arabia is one of the largest bankrollers of global terrorism and is widely known to supply weapons to further conflicts, including allegations of the state supplying chemical weapons. What if the Saudi government feels the need for a nuclear weapon to fall into the hands of a terrorist organization in order to destabilize a neighbor? The very thought fuels war hawk fantasies.



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