Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

Why do Shia suffer all around the World without getting solidarity or support?

This why is similar to tens of whys debated by the Sunnah who ask why Imam Husain went to Karbala and he knew that he will die or be martyred?
Why Imam Ali went to the masjid in al Kufa they day he knew he will be slaughtered by the poisoned sword of ibn Muljam?
Why Prophet Muhammad get married to Aisha and he knew that she will participate in a war against Imam Ali and cause they death of 40 thousand persons?

Questions only Ahlul Bayt can Answer

90% of Muslims are Sunnah.
Shia are the minority all around the world and the majority in Lebanon, Iraq, Iraq and Bahrain; yet they have been suffering for long time against all kinds of oppressions sarting from local authorities and including external threats from enemies like Israel, al Qaeda, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood and the entire Salafi Wahabi school and mosques that are spread all over the world liscenced by European governments up until the world wake up in one monring discovering that he’s next door immigrant is terrorist and reqruited by ISIS to slaughter and explode. They are the graduate of these the Saudi funded mosques and Europe is invloved in the creation of these monsters for they could have simply avoid humanity such crultly if they had put a tiny microphone just listening to thie speech of hatred in the heart of the open world. I am blaming the deaf ears. I am blaming the blind licenses.
Here we go, Bahrain is arrested by Hamad, the king supported by US, UK and Israel.
Lebanon has finished liberating itself to find itself again busy in encountering univeral aggression presented now by ISIS which is funded by Saudi Arabia, planned by US and armed by Germany.
Iraq has always been bleeding due to suicide explosions Saudi kings send to distabalize the country and support the Baa’thi.
Iran is always under microscope, criticized and assessed by those who believe they were supurior to humans or advanced yet they are today voting for the most disgasting affair in the world (the same sex marriage) without really noticing themselves how stuck they are busy in the lower body part while civilizations came motivating the brain, inspiring the spirit and uplifting humans even to levels that exceed angels.
Amid all of the chaos, death, displacement of nations, oppressions and blood.
What support can still there bringing us hope in a better future? And why are we suffering that much? Is our suffering worth what we are promised?
Yep. Today, I vote for yes. A big yes. Yes for humanity that could taste the closeness to Ahlul Bayt, perfection of Ahlul Bayt, wisdom and knowledge of Ahlul Bayt.
When that iminent promised day comes, the entire world will turn its lences and capture the moment of healing, knowing what it is all about, why we are here, why we are martyrs, why we are the first to encounter challenges threatening the human of humanity.
We are born to be patient.
We are born to follow Ahlul Bayt who have got the keys to all doors in this universe.
It is enough that they know the depth of suffering we are having, it is enough that they are who touch the heart and heal.
It is enough they hare the guide in this mess and chaos.

Watch “هل يستطيع التشيع الإجابة عن هذه الأسئلة ؟”

This young yet deeply knowledgeable exxxxpert says that the answer is hypocracy.
Allah has even created Satan yet He knows he would be His utmost enemy and the enemy of His faithful.
It is just a trick to be tested and then enjoy what you as human worth enjoying.


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