Ahlul Bayt Knowledge

Imam Ali’s Solution to Homogeneous People

When Imam Ali, peace be upon him was asked about a hetrogeous person, he said: Count on his/ her ribs; if the number of the ribs on the left chest are less, then he is a man.’
Ismalic Law examines heterogeneous persons as early as 13 year old with the help of the ribs number and very focues answer of the patient telling to which gender he/she is attracted and what he/ she really thinks of his/ her identity; then a surgery is made to for healing.
Mohammad Moussa says in this video that Western world is worng for leaving the patient up until reaching the age of 20.
He adds that hetrogeneous gender is a emotional and mental disorder that may be the result of suppression like in the Gulf where men are isolated from women so that each each gender gets adopted and accastomed to the aroma of the same gender. He adds that it may be also the result of rape or a sexual assault but in all cases it is a sickness that requires healing.
Moussa urges that unhealing this kind of patient will definetly lead to a destruction in social, emotional and spiritual levels of the communities.

Watch “اللواط والسحاق ،كشف الأسباب والعلاج” on YouTube



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