Human Rights


Those who freed and allowed themselves to have affairs with animals and brought enormous sicknesses and deceases like HIV and Ebola, dare to free and allow themselves to allow this disgusting affair.  Europeans think they are having a luxurious life style in allowing this affair. They believe they are advanced and supurior. Mistaken and misled they are. Allah’s wrath to this affair in particular is sever earthquake that turns an entire city upside down. Think about humanity. Think about generations. Think about the violated rights of the kids adopted by such groups. What is more disgusting than this affair is media promotion for it. Social media is full with disgusting affairs of men and women, what’s next? Songs and clips for such groups? O Jesus come and observe your nations. By the name of freedom and democracy, they are imposing sick people to be socially integrated. Europe has allowed partner co-existing outside marriage bonds, having affairs publicly on streers…what else? Is this what you want your kids to see in naked eyes? What if I don’t want to see or let my kids see? Who guarantees my rights and respect? Where are you heading guys?



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