Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

Religious rulings : Causes of differences

Shiatu Ali


Some people often wonder as to why are there differences in the rulings of the religious scholars (Mujtahideen). Which means, why are some minor differences found in the rulings of these scholars for some particular matter, when the rulings are based on four studies – Quran, traditions, consensus amongst scholars and logic.

It should not be forgotten that these scholars are humans like us. Its true that they have studied the Quran, learnt the science of traditions, referred to the opinions of other scholars., are learned people, intellectuals; and bearers of traditions; yet they are human beings. None can question the fact that Allah has bestowed man with varying capacities. The intellect of all human beings is not the same. One Mujtahid might reach a conclusion which might differ from another, on a particular issue. But this difference is not an evidence of either of them being wrong. For there…

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