Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

Necessity of Religion

Especially now more than ever before

Shiatu Ali


The Creator of the universe has not created man and animals alike. The greatest distinction enjoyed by the former over the latter is reasoning and intellect. Intellect is that invaluable bounty which Allah has gifted only to the humans. It is through intellect that man can discriminate good from evil, right from wrong and truth from falsehood. It is through reason alone that man understands the reality behind everything.

When he beholds the universe, his intellect compels him to reflect. Does this universe has a creator? Or has it come into existence on its own? Then if it has not evolved on its own then who is its creator? What qualities does the creator possess? Has He imposed any duties upon us? Or are we free from responsibility? Did those individuals who were supposedly His messengers speak the truth? Or were their claims baseless and false? Is there another world…

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