Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

Islamic Practical Laws: Taqleed

Shiatu Ali


What is Taqleed?
Taqleed means to comply with or subscribe to the edicts of a jurist regarding practical affairs of religion. These practical affairs are collectively referred to as ‘Furu-e-Deen’ or fundamentals of religion.

Necessity of Taqleed in Islamic practical laws
Taqleed becomes necessary largely due to the average Muslim’s inability to comprehend and derive Islamic laws all by himself. Given man’s hectic lifestyle, it would take a better part of his lifetime to study the Quran and traditions in order to formulate these laws and statutes. Taqleed, therefore, affords the Muslim a more viable and logical option. However, one thing that must be borne in mind is that this compliance with (the jurist) is for practical tenets (Furu-e-Deen) only and not for one’s beliefs.

Taqleed maybe broadly classified under four heads viz.:
(i) The unlearned following another unlearned.
(ii) The learned following the unlearned.
(iii) The learned following another…

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