Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

Successive transmission of traditions about Imam Mahdi (as)

Shiatu Ali


We have already discussed in the preceding chapter that a section of the Ahle Sunnah scholars have deemed as authentic the traditions relating to Mahdi. Alternatively they have brought the chain of narration of such traditions in their books without casting any aspersion on their reliability. A large number of prominent Ahle Sunnah scholars have chronicled these traditions in their works, viz. Ibne Hajar Haithami in his ‘As-Sawaiqul Muhriqah’, Shablanji in ‘Noorul Absaar’, Ibne Sabbaagh Maliki in ‘Fusoolul Muhimmah’, Muhammad Subbaan in ‘As’aafur Raaghibeen’, Shaafaee in ‘al-Bayaan’,
Shaykh Mansoor Ali in ‘Ghaayatul Maamool’, Sowaidi in ‘Sabaaek al-Zahab’, etc. Therefore, this continuity which is lacking in some traditions on this topic, is adequately compensated for. Asqalaani writes,

“A chain of narration that has been successively transmitted carries on it a stamp of authenticity, leaving no scope for refutation.’

(Nuzhatul Manzar, p. 12,
by Ahmad b. Hajare Asqalani, Karachi edition)

The distinguished…

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