Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

Stories of the Pious: Hazrat Ibrahim (as)

Shiatu Ali


“Surely Ibrahim was an exemplar, obedient to Allah, upright, and not of the polytheists. He (Ibrahim) was grateful for His (Allah’s) favours; He chose him and guided him on the right path. And We gave him good in this world and in the next he will most surely be among the good.”

(Nahl : 120-122)

Namrud b. Kinan was the king of Babylon. When his rule spread far and wide and he had gained comprehensive dominion over all people, he claimed divinity, and commanded the people to worship him. The populace in that period was in any case worshipping wooden and stone-made idols. So Namrud’s decree had the desired effect and they took him as their God and turned towards him in their worship. Thus the multitude were deviated and corrupted. This practice continued for a while until the people had completely forgotten their real Lord. It was then that…

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