Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

Narration and compilation of traditions

Shiatu Ali


After the demise of the Prophet (s.a.w.s.), his companions held conflicting views regarding the traditions they had heard from him. One group was of the opinion that those traditions with religious implications must be recorded for posterity. However, the other group deemed that if the traditions were indeed chronicled, then there was always the danger of the Muslims misinterpreting the traditions vis-à-vis the Holy Quran. Hence this group was in favour of simply narrating the traditions, without recording it on paper. However, Ameerul Momineen Hazrat Ali (a.s.) and his followers (Shias) remained engrossed in diligently compiling and recording the traditions. (This is mainly why traditions quoted from Shia sources are reckoned to be more accurate and reliable.)


Out of the two diverse opinions stated above, the view of the former group held sway. This group was in majority and they sought to check the unimpeded…

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