Prophet Muhammad and his Household, Peace be upon them

Guidance of the Prophets (as)

Shiatu Ali


If we browse through the contents of the Old Testament, the Bible and the Quran, we will find their beliefs, laws, tenets and ideologies at complete variance from each other, notwithstanding the fact that all these are divine scriptures. We find a lot of divergence and discrepancies in their places of worship, their modes of worship and their statutes (shariah). But if we brush aside these superfluous variations and ignore the aberrations, then beneath those discrepancies lies an unmistakable similarity in their fundamentals. Essentially, these faiths have three underlying factors that are in congruence with each other viz..
1) Worship of Allah (Tauheed)
2) Day of Reckoning (Qiyamat)
3) Responsibilities and duties of men with respect to each other.

We shall attempt to explain all these in detail.

The foremost principle imbibed by the Prophets (a.s.) was the existence of an Omnipotent and Almighty Allah. And…

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