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Where were all of you when we suffered alone? Shia and al Sadir vs. Saddam (US Puppet)


Sayyid Muhammad Baqir al Sadi’s assassination is the crime of the century.


I don’t where human rights organizations were when Saddam, the crazy puppet of USA, tortured and assassinated this great man and his sister Bint Al Huda.


Sayyid Baqir al Sadir is a widely famous religious figure known for his shrewd writing of ‘Our Philosophy’ and ‘Our Economy’. Where were writers, authors and literature syndicates in the world when he was threatened to raise a voice and stop this crime?


What court could now bring their justice?

To whom Iraqi citizens were left suffering the craziness of Saddam? Why couldn’t any organization stop Saddam and his allies? Don’t tell me US coalition came to do so covered by UN resolution. These procedures take so long time.. only after the genocide is finished, the deaths are counted, the victims are declared, reports are written, and the great people and spirit died.


Where were all of you when citizens were enforced to clap for a stupid president?


An Iraqi citizen writes on this link:

صدام بنفسه يقوم بأعدام السيد الصدر وبنت الهدى..
صدام يهشم رأس السيد الصدر بسوط بلاستيكي..
أدخال بنت الهدى على السيد الصدر بعد تعذيبها..
تقطيع أعضاء من جسد الطاهرللشهيدة بنت الهدى أمام السيد الصدر..

He wrote:

Saddam himself executed Sayyid al Sadir and Bint al Huda..

Saddam smashed the face of Sayyid al Sadir by a plastic whip..

Bint al Huda was obliged to enter the prison of Sayyid al  Sadir to show him how she was tortured..

parts of purified body of Bint al Huda were cut off in front of Sayid al Sadir..

Sayyid al Sadir is considered as the symbol of freedom.


What was Sayid al sadir asked to declare before his assassination:

سعدون شاكر: أنا جئت من السيد الرئيس وهو ينتظرني الان… و قرار إعدامك في جيبي (أشر على جيبه).. شيء واحد يوقف ذلك. و هو أن تقرأ هذا البيان في التلفزيون ( و لوح سعدون شاكر بورقة يحملها في يده).. و تقول بأن الثورة الإيرانية هي مؤامرة صهيونية و أنها تعادي العروبة و الإسلام و تتآمر على العراق.. وأن حزب الدعوة عميل للاستعمار و الصهيونية.


Sa’doun Shakir: I’ve already come from the President office (Saddam). He’s waiting for me. The decision of your execution is in my pocket (he pointed to his pocket)..one thing stops this execution. You read this press release on TV. He moved the release in his hands. You say: The Iranian Revolution is a Zionist  conspiracy; it hates Arabs and Islam and it is plotting conspiracies against Iraq. Also says that Al Da’wa party is an agent to Zionism and Colonialism.


Sayyid Baqir al Sadder: Oppressors, don’t try us! We die but keep our Religion Live


Download it here:



Al Sadir full biography:



I used to think death comes on the hands of Allah’s angel named Ezrael.

I’ve never thought that beings in the flesh of human like Saddam and ISIS and BOKO HARAM would invent all of these kinds of torture, slaughtering and assassinations.

It is really horrible.

I pay all my respect for the Iraqi citizens who suffered alone.

I pay respect for the soul of my uncle who was killed by Communist Party in Lebanon for making public crowded tribute for the assassination of Sayid Baqir al Sadir and Bint al Huda.

I always felt connected you Sayyid al Sadir,

It’s my uncle’s blood and spirit that connected us.

I pay you respect Lady Bint al Huda,

Your short stories have been the first I ever read in Arabic.


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