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The Huthis will win and end the Rule of the Saudi Kingdom

The Huthis will win within a month and it’s both relegious and unrelegious people who are paving the way for the arrival of Imam Al Mahdi peace be upon him, said Sheikh Ali Qurani today on Wilayat TV.
Sheikh Ali Qurani highlights the current happenings related to the end of Times and the arrival of Imam al Mahdi peace be upon him.
He said that the Huthis are paving the way for Imam al Mahdi and that they defeat the Saudi Kingdom.
Dr Jasib al Mousawi, an Iraqi expert in political history, said today on the Iraqi channel ‘Biladi’ that there are only two sons alive of the descendents of the Saudi first king and that they already in troubled relations.
Sheikh al Qurani said that the contemporary sons of the Saudi kingdom will be defeated due to internal conflicts between them and external conflict that could be on the hands of the Huthis.
France 24 published today a footage claiming that Saudi Arabia owns the most developed military airplanes in the Gulf.


Lebanese and Palestinians have never seen these ‘mighty’ airplanes dettering Israeli aggression and wars.
However, an Egyptian Pilot refused today to join these joint Arab strikes against Yemen justifying that he has studied and become a pilot to defeat Israel instead.


In parrarel, comes the UN President Banki Moon’s condemenation of the Saudi intervention in Yemen.

Media report on the US and Israel backing of the Saudi military attack and strikes on Yemen.


US claims of fighting terrorism have been proved to be no more than lies as its strikes against ISIS in Iraq were described as ‘fireworks’; moreover, eyewitness and media reports state that US is attacking the resistance movements fighting ISIS in Iraq and that that the US planes are rather backing ISIS and providing it with logestic supplies.

CNN tackles today a debate whether the Arab nations were in better conditions before their Arab Spring revolutions.


But based on my coverage of all of these revolutions, I may simply draw the following conclusion:
The peoples all over the world are fed up from their rulers’ lies and corruption and they no more want to wait or give time or chance for their rulers to gain prosperity on their behalf and that they are seeking real reforms and social rights to have a prosperous and developed livelihood.

The voice of citizens is louder now backed and justified by UN which lanunches the ‘We peoples’ campaigns starting from late 2014 urging governments to bear full responsibilities in boosting and developing citizens’ lives.

And the current happenings especially the ousting of rulers and the presidential vaccum especially in the Arab world is no more than being in a series leading to the arrival and the establishment of the final rule and management on this Earth led by Al Mahdi peace be upon him.
Whoever now jumps to power will not last for more than a couple of months. The rule lasting for decades or years has ended up with clear failures and disasters. Even UN and worldwide human rights organizations have got headache from reporting on disasters here and there.
Sheikh Ali Qurani emphasises based on Ahlul Bayt prophecies and knowledge that the world will surrender to al Mahdi’s rule and management because they will finally touch the real solutions to all conflicts and disasters.
Today, Qurani illustrated that it’s Allah’s Will to leave these  conflicts managed normally by humans themselves without any divine support and that it’s both relegious and unreligious people are paving the way, whether they are aware of it or not, for the arrival of 12th infallible Imam al Mahdi peace be upon him.
For those who have no idea of who al Mahdi is, I may simply reffer them to Prophet Muhammad, Imam Ali, Hassan and Husain, Muhammad al Baqir, Jafar al Sadiq, Mousa al Khathim, Ali al Ridha, Mohammad al Jawad, Ali al Hadi, and Al Hassan al Askari, the direct father of Imam al Mahdi, peace be upon all of them. Read as much as you can about their knowledge, wisdom, justice and so on. But read from the heritage saved in the hands of Shia who have been suffering along tens decades to keep this heritage to share the world with.


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