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Remind me, Siline. ذكريني يا سيلين – Updated after Yemen’s Vicotory

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Remind me when the last election took place in the Arab Spring zone democratically and purely processed by We the Peoples? When have you yourself elected your President or MPs? Or asked your king to step down? Shift your focus to Morocco, Jordan and Bahrain, voice your predictions when will these dictatorships be removed from power? When do US, German and UK stop arming these heads? When will mothers stop suffering the loss of their sons rights, dignity and lives? Do you want Yemen to uplift itself and go prosperous in a tight deadline while it is the country that is suffering from the results of US intervention, dictation and scinarios displayed for centuries to keep it a starving nation. You ‘army of observers and TV presenters’ don’t have the right to judge any nation’s first attempts to break all of these chains and have a breath of its own? I didn’t hear your condemnation of the killers and attackers acts! You really look arrogant, your stomach is full and satisfied! Your voices lack human tone! You are mocking and discriminating a poor nation! We the Peoples are not in need of the books and articles you’ve read? Or the degrees you’ve obtained? My son is attacked. My son is injured. I may loose his breath because of the shelling of the Bedouins. Loose your voice, my son is crying, I want him to stay, remain in front of me, defending our rights, our land, our tomatoes and fruits. Stay away, let me finish, then come and clap for my victory. At that time, I will show you who I am- I am the mother of the defender, justice seeker and observer with human sense, decision and touch. P.s. this is a reply to France 24, Niqash program interviewing the Mouthy political member with a Morocco guest.



After 7 days



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