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Japan would have landed on the Moon the Moment Prophet Muhammad finished Lecturing

I wonder why the Prophet of knowledge and managers was sent to Arab areas. If he were sent to Japan, Japanese nation would have landed and resided on the Moon and the planets in the entire Universe the moment he finished lecturing and setting his message.
The imposed caliphates who run the business and caused all of this damage to Islam and Muslims have led to the creation of the worst scinarios you are wittnessing today. The wahhabis, al Qaeda … ISIS are just a manifistation of this distortion.
179 military planes of Arab countries are randomly striking the Shia, the followers of Muhammad and Ali, in Yemen.

10 planes from Qatar, 8 from Kuwait, others from Bahrain, Egypt, Morrocco are in the sky of Yemen attacking the Shia because they are Shia; they want to boost their livelihood, agricultures, rights and development; and they want to be independent from any affiliation to the monstreous game sawallowing those abased.
We’ll see.
And you’ll see how the lions seeking rights will have their righrs guarantteed despite all the gathering of the Great nations and agendas. The international comunity is silent again when it comes to Shia rights; shooting its bullets and high-tech weapons on the chests of unarmed citizens. ALLAH EXISTS. HIS PROMISE IS FULLFILLED. VICTORY IS ALWAYS BY THE SIDE OF THE ABASED PEOPLE.

179طائرة من الاعراب

10طائرات قطرية ، و 8 طائرات كويتية واخرى بحرينية تشارك ومصرية ومغربية تشارك في قتل الشيعة في اليمن .


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