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Dear World! We won in Samora’- عسكر

Dear World,

We won in Samora’, the land of the Imam al Hassan al Askari, the father of Imam al Mahdi peace be upon him.

The brigades of the Lord of Martyrs (i.e. Imam Hussain peace be upon him) defeated today an attack by ISIS described as the largest since its evolution.
An Iraqi Military expert  told Afaq TV that today’s sever clashes lasted 7 hrs since early morning almost 5 a.m. local time. He also said ISIS is being supported by U.S..

This added victory raises large bold questions & doubtness on the attacks on France.
Some rashed calling for increasing awareness among Muslims -the calls that I mock because Muslims are aware more than any others that these attacks along with 9/11’s are categorized as the whole set conspiracy against Islam. How could ISIS be defeated in Iraq, al Qaeda in Yemen while US planes without pilots continue to chase ghosts leaving al Qaeda highly operating and instead they chase the spirits of innocent Afghani and Pakistani people attending WEDDINGS. How could ISIS French brand not be defeated on the Republic of FRRRRRRANCE?!!!!

نحن للعسكري عسكر
نصرنا زينب
وننصر المتتظر
في الفجر والصبح اذ سفر
فالارض مهد والعدو ادبر
ونحن الشمعة والدمعة والامنية والعسكر
ارض المختار وحيدر ومن كبر
تناديك يا منصور اغث
بحق هذا الجند والعسكر
اطل على الدنيا بثغرك الباسم
وانثر على رؤسنا الورد والزهر والدر
ورقية الفتح والنصر
ليستسلم الكون بساكنيه ومن عسكر
اذا جاء نصر الله وولي الله
ليس لهم الاك ومن صف لتراب مقدمك الفداء عسكر
تلعثم الكفر والجبن وبانت الشمس
وتدور القمر وشع النجم متلاءلئا
مهنئا من انتصر
عسكر يا مهدي عسكر


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